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Design Trends 2009

Shower Head Trends - latest in luxury shower heads

What is the latest trend in shower heads? Time again to update our exiting collection with the newest designs. As more innovative choices for modern showerheads become available the trend is that more and more consumers are into design and aesthetics versus functions only. And the new generations of luxury shower heads are qualifying for both - they are beautiful and functional. What's left is to choose the right shower head depending on your desire.

Animal Print Decor - latest patterns and trends


It’s easy to go completely wild with the Animal Print Decor all over the home. With the great selection of Animal Patterns now available you can add a touch of outgoing style anywhere. Pick your favourite from cow, crocodile, snake, zebra, leopard, tiger and giraffe prints to celebrate the diversity of the natural world with fun, funky prints. Whether you want to create the atmosphere of an up-market jungle getaway, remember the safari trip, or simply spice up your neutral decor theme, Animal Print Decor is a versatile and eye-catching option. See below for ideas in 16 different product categories hand-picked by Trendir for Animal Print / Pattern decor lovers!

Animal Print on Wall Coverings

Tiles are a practical and decorative way to add animal prints anywhere. The Animalier tiles from Settecento combine great looks and a fun tactile element. Leo, Zebra and Cobra patterns can be combined or used individually on walls or around key features in the bathroom for emphasis. Wild Thing Daktari also favours a surrealistic twist for high impact. These animal printed tiles are a playful option – the patterns appear abstract – copied from an animated jungle inhabitant rather than a real one! A timeless, sophisticated interpretation of the animal print trend, the Leopardo is from the 2008 Mosaic Tiles collection by Bisazza. Formed by an intricate pattern of tiny mosaic tiles, the Leopardo is truly precious. Mosaic tiles, by nature of their small size, are fantastically versatile too.







Animal Print Bathroom Decor

Incredibly, animal decor in your bathroom can incorporate details you’d never even dreamed of – like the fabulous, contrasting flora and fauna prints. The exotic Zanzibar designs feature a countertop in animal print and a sink full of flowers. Brought to you by Kohler, the Artist Editions countertops and basins are a mix and match collection that makes it easy to express your own style.


With the exciting Ethnic collection of animal print vessels from Vitruvit you can choose your favourite pattern from a wide range including snake, leopard, giraffe, and crocodile. Not only that, you can also choose from a range of distinctively shaped sinks. Focusing on the great prints and forms of the sinks, Vitruvit designers Manuela Busetti and Andrea Garuti have chosen the most minimal of slits for the water to escape, keeping your focus firmly on the shape and print of each vessel.



Vanities can be used as a showcase for animal prints too… the AdattoCasa Couture vanities show their true stripes in the best possible way! Topped with a modern basin, the body of the vanity is wrapped in a terrific animal print, adding a new dimension of interest to a functional piece. Whether finished with a glossy black snakeskin or an impressive tiled zebra or giraffe print, these simple Couture vanities are totally contemporary.



Entire bathroom suite
Can’t get enough of animal prints in your bathroom? It’s a great place to experiment and Ceramica Cielo makes it easy with the Jungle Collection complete bathroom suite! These classy, rich-looking pieces are actually made from precious hide! Through a careful process of blending the natural hides with ceramic, a finish that retains the feel of the skins is produced. In this way, the real look and feel of gorgeous python and crocodile can accessorise your bathroom. Toilets, bidets, sinks and shower bases, all are matching to complete this sumptuous style from Ceramica Cielo.





Bathroom Furniture
If you adore the high-end look of co-ordinated bathroom furniture, how about the Junco bathroom from Gruppo Atma? Mock crocodile skin covers the linear, geometric vanity and standing drawers, adding glamour to a practical storage system. This subtle interpretation of the animal print trend comes in one solid colour, with the exotic tactile dimension of the raised print. The Sauvage bathroom range from the Elegance collection of Branchetti gives bright crocodile and zebra effect furniture a new edge by combining them with natural wenge wood. Strong, vivid contemporary colours combine with the feel of the surfaces to make a modern classic.





If you fancy adding a discreet touch of the jungle to your existing bathroom units, the Crocodile style designer hardware from MNG is ideal. Designed by former jewellery designer Melissa Nathan, these precious knobs, pulls and handles will add a finishing touch to your bathroom furniture. Mix and match from a wide range of animal prints and colours with a fascinating texture and meticulous detailing.


Animal Print Fireplaces

An essential ingredient in replicating safari nights – fire! If you dare to be different you’ll love the larger-than life fireplace Eva from Bordelet. This ceiling-suspended fireplace is truly dramatic, and like a campfire, it is accessible from any angle. Designed to encourage a sense of togetherness and community as you gather around the fire, the wide gap between the base and hanging top of the fireplace makes the Eva really special. But the most outstanding part of the fireplace has simply got to be its stunning animal print pattern. The huge, bold print really makes the fire come to life!

Bordelet fireplace Eva Tiger

Animal Print on Floor Coverings

A rug adds a cosy warmth to any room. Karastan Exotics rugs are made from pure New Zealand wool but carry with them the allure of the jungle! Made from a sustainable resource and totally eco-friendly, the hard-wearing rugs are stylish and comfortable under the feet. Patterns such as Majestic Leopard and Mystical Zebra will add a touch of the wild to any decor from transitional to modern.


Cowhide Tile
Something rather unexpected – these clever cowhide floor tiles are from Artistic Tile. Far from the cold, hard surface we think of when we think of tiles, these natural hide tiles are warm and soft! It’s so easy to add a high-end designer touch to any room with these tiles from the Pampa Leather Collection. You simply lay a ‘rubber steel’ flooring and the tiles adhere magnetically, with no need for grouting or adhesives. This gives you the flexibility to re-arrange the tiles, which come in six individual cowhide prints. Whatever next?


Animal Print on Furniture

If you are looking for an iconic designer chair to liven up your room, look no further than the Mademoiselle Chair design by Kartell. Designed by none other than Philippe Starck - the chair is then given a stunning animal print finish - by Dolce and Gabbana! The rich, sumptuous pattern coordinates wonderfully with the defined elegance of the gently tapering black legs. With a wide and inviting seat, the Mademoiselle Chair is a strong, yet feminine, look to accentuate your home.


Entertainment Center
Those with a practical inclination will love the Luxury Entertainment Center from Vismara. You can certainly justify this stylish purchase which will keep your CDs and DVDs out of sight, yet close to hand for when you have friends over to entertain. Tidied away behind crocodile, zebra and ostrich inspired leather doors, you’ll achieve the minimal, modern look you’ve been dreaming of - without sacrificing your most treasured possessions. Available in a range of beautiful tones, the entertainment centre units have a contrasting trim that shows off their quality.



Animal Print Accessories

Whether you are looking for an accent for a neutral decor, or seeking to pick up your chosen animal print themes, accessories are the perfect solution. The Vivarini Giraffe and Zebra collections of Murano glass lamps from Formia are bold yet refined. Their abstract animal print patterns allow the light to shine out from within, to emphasise their pretty, delicate glass forms. The lamps come in a variety of different shapes, appropriate for wall, ceiling, table or floor.



For an eye-catching detail the Gaucho Mirror pony-skin mirror is ideal. The funky design is seriously stylish – designs by APF Munn are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, The Smithsonian Institute and The White House Collection! If that’s not enough to convince you, take a look at the fine metal flourishes on each corner. A real talking point: the Gaucho Mirror in pony skin is a handcrafted original from APF Munn.


Tabletop Decor
Crocodile mats and linen napkins by Dransfield & Ross are available in red and black and are a great way to add a modern safari feel without getting carried away! If you just want to pick up the trend in an easy and versatile way, these charming placemat are for you.


Animal Print Architecture

Modern Homes
Demonstrating the pervasive influence of animal prints – there is now even a stunning luxury home with a nature inspired camouflage exterior! Even modern homes can get in on the animal print trend – as shown by the eco-friendly Orchid House designed by Featherstone Associates. The outer shell of the fascinating UK home is of laminated veneer lumber and covered in timber shingles, sporting a pattern they will help it to fit into its 450-acre nature reserve habitat!


January 21, 2008

Suspended Fireplace - hot new trend for 2008


We've fallen in love with the suspended fireplace ... It is modern, it is technologically advanced and, most important, it is very inviting. A beautiful sculpture that creates a strong design focal point in any room, this wood burning fire is a great conversation starter. What could be better to gather around it with friends or family and enjoy the dancing fire in a cold winter night. We believe the suspended fireplaces will be popular in 2008, especially because they can be perfect solution to a green home building. We present this selection of latest designs for your review. Enjoy it!

Focus suspended fireplaces

Filiofocus Telescopique



Ergofocus & Bathyscafocus




Antrax Suspended Fireplaces





FireOrb suspended fireplace


Brisach Suspended Fireplace




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December 7, 2007

Steam Shower Trend - must have showers for a luxury bathroom

Regeneration, relaxation and unwinding are all part of the unique bathing experience of a luxury steam shower. Discerning European consumers have already discovered the many advantages of a luxury steam shower – happily, their enthusiasm for this fashionable and functional product means that it is now easier than ever before for those living in the U.S. and Canada to install steam showers in their own homes. Steam showers may well be trendy – but their countless benefits mean that they will transcend trends to become an integral part of your daily routine. The latest technologies have made bathroom fixtures from high-end manufacturers more available for those who wish to invest in a higher quality of living. Steam therapy is proven to contribute positively to diverse aspects of good physical health, and the wonderful added bonuses of colour therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy cannot fail to enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Imagine the sensation of a steam shower which can be used individually, or with two or more people as your lifestyle demands. The all-in-one convenience of the luxury steam showers saves space (features such as waterfall overhead showers and hydro-massage body sprays are built-in), without scrimping on comfortable seating, or the style endowed by the latest, cutting-edge designs.

Steam Shower by Hoesch - SensMare 1100 steam bath


An impression of space and freedom is created with the luxury SensMare 1100 steam bath by Hoesch. Incredible showering versatility is guaranteed with the options of steam regulation, colour, scent and sound stimulation, and a selection of four diverse bathing programmes (for example, country rain or mist jet), all brought together in a central column of control. The seating arrangements are to suit you… the seats can be folded up, pushed together or located opposite each other, according to your needs. The glass construction and lack of fixed back ensures a contemporary look that allows the individual wall design to show through behind, or if you prefer, the gorgeous light green back of the steam cabin can likewise complete the aesthetic appeal. To indulge in the pleasure of the fabulous SensMare 1100 steam bath, contact Hoesch.

Steam Shower from Douche - Thalassor Aska Duo shower


The futuristic Thalassor Aska Duo steam shower is from Douche… a superb place of energy and undreamed-of possibilities. The hammam feature takes you back in time to the health-enhancing steam baths enjoyed by Greeks and Romans, eliminating tension from your muscles and toxins from your body. This type of steam shower may be enjoyed with scent or the harmonious colours of chromotherapy to suit your mood. The exterior also does justice to the interior, the two tones of grey make certain that the Thalassor Aska Duo shower will be the focal point of any contemporary bathroom. Available from Douche.

Kos Steam Shower - the Kosmic 2 luxury shower


If you yearn for the amenities of the spa to be accessible to you on a daily basis, the Kosmic 2 steam shower from Kos could create the essential living space you dream of. The aspect of this luxury steam shower is high impact, yet with its minimalist black outer walls and sleek construction one can only guess at the extravagant atmosphere existing inside. Adjustable and revolving jets guarantee that the hydromassage element can access the places you need it most. Furthermore, the Turkish bath feature adds to the warming and fortifying ‘spa’ experience. Create a light show of your own with the digital keyboard, and allow the Idrocoloure technology to revitalise your senses. The Kosmic 2 shower would be enjoyed afresh with each use, and is available from Kos.

Steam Shower from WMK


WMK is a U.S. based manufacturer and distributor of high-end, inspired steam showers that can create your own personal atmospheric world of stimulation and relaxation. The features available are so versatile that your personalised shower need not be like any other you have previously experienced. On entering the curvaceous cabin of the shower all cares are left behind as you fully immerse yourself in this oasis of sound (AM/FM radio or CD stereo can be connected), lighting (to match your mood), and sensation (foot massage and whirlpool bath are included!). Or, if you prefer to stay connected to the outside world, the shower can be programmed to gently inform you of incoming calls, which can be answered hands-free if you so desire. With WMK’s modern steam shower, you can envelop yourself in soothing steam, pummel aching muscles with the back-jet, or drench your body in an Amazonian-style rain shower… the choice is all yours.

Steam Shower from Albatros - Atrium luxury spa shower


For a vivid, contemporary look, the Atrium spa shower from Albatros is the ultimate solution. The gorgeous heated glass wrap-around panels of the luxury steam shower offer a specialised heat treatment and keep the atmosphere snug. The Atrium envelopes you in your choice of therapy, with three rain effect shower heads and the appealing options of chromotherapy and aromatherapy. As there is plenty of space, you can share the sensual experrience with a friend (or two). And if a romantic encounter is on the cards, the sparkling star effect studding into the ceiling of the Atrium cannot fail to create a scintillating ambiance. Reinterpret your shower routine with a luxury steam shower from Albatros

Jacuzzi Steam Shower - the Morphosis Omega luxury shower


The glass panels offer a crystal-clear view of the smooth, sweeping teak seat that forms a fundamentally well-designed part of the Morphosis Omega steam shower from Jacuzzi. With this uncompromised style in mind, the fittings come in clear or darkened options to complement the stunning enclosure. Generous sizing ensures maximum comfort seated or standing. The health perks couple with the aesthetic benefits of this luxury steam shower… the high-performance steam generator and hydromassage alternatives will pamper you like never before. The Morphosis Omega is available in limited quantities for a price of EUR €20,000 or USD $27,126 from Jacuzzi. For additional information, email

Duravit Steam Shower


Technical skill and creative design work together in the Duravit steam shower cabin designed by Jochen Schmiddem. Natural wood and frame-less silicone-free safety glass (available in clear or in a tinted blue hue) make for a gleaming and durable combination. This exclusive cabin is adaptable – the two seats can be simply folded down to make a bench if desired. Upright, the bench seats add an appealing natural touch of Robinia wood to the modern appearance of the white acrylic inside of the cabin, complemented by the floor and shelving, also in wood. The plumbing fixtures are in chrome, and allow for many adjustments and changes of shower heads, water hoses and nozzles to provide an outstandingly personal experience. The Steam Shower Cabin is Duravit’s multifunctional shower, available for EUR €17,864 or USD $22,587.

Steam Shower from Linea Aqua - the Apollo shower


A bubble of repose - the Apollo steam shower from Linea Aqua is clearly ahead of its time. With these futuristic looks you can travel to a galaxy of high temperature steam that relieves fatigue and has a curative effect on rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenic, and is an effective way to reduce weight. You would certainly make full use of water, the origin of all life, to heal your aches and pains. Furthermore, it’s so simple to use and maintain – the oversized Linea Aqua ‘Sunflower’ shower head has an easy clean system, and the gorgeous natural teak floor is fully removable. The 3KW steam generator is also accessible through the temperature or remote – putting you in control of creating your ideal steam environment. Contact Linea Aqua to make this superb shower a part of your ideal lifestyle.

Luxury Steam Shower from Glass Idromassaggio - the Anthropos shower


Peaceful, tranquil times of relaxation are yours with the Anthropos steam shower brought to you by Glass Idromassaggio. Hydromassage pinpoints sore muscles, increasing circulation and rejuvenating your senses. You need not choose between spa-style treatments… this shower also brings a ‘Raindance Air’ showerhead plus various sight and scent therapies to your home. It’s easy to escape the stresses of everyday living when you have this many options. With its minimalist anodized aluminium columns, the Anthropos luxury steam shower offers complete style to complement its surroundings. For more information, contact Glass Idromassaggio.

Steam Shower from Ideal Standard - the Tris shower


A stunning free-standing wood cabin, the Tris steam shower offers the function of shower, sauna and steam room in a surprisingly compact space. This option is ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of the natural wood grain. And with its compact style, even city-dwellers with limited space can enjoy all the health benefits of a shower cabin of a quality you might expect to find in a larger property in a rustic setting. Yet, the serene appearance of the natural wood belies the high technology within, the wooden control panel is framed by illuminated glass icons, and is the key to creating your personal luxury spa environments. Ideal Standard offers you the chance to bring the healing powers of water to your daily schedule in so many different ways.

Hansgrohe Steam Shower - the luxury WellSpring shower


Chromotherapy takes an exciting turn with the WellSpring built-in steam shower unit by Hansgrohe Pharo. Undulating colours enhance your bathing experience, taking you to a place of perfect relaxation. The LED light is maintainence-free, leaving you plenty of time to top up the herbs or oils of the aromatherapy unit. An ultimate perk for your home, this modern shower features a waterfall shower, raindome showerhead, handshower and body sprays, along with sound that allows for use with your own sound system. The WellSpring will take care of all aspects of your holistic well-being, whilst you enjoy the pampering in either a standing or seated stance (I or 2 seats are built-in). Hansgrohe Pharo presents this steam shower in two versions, the 130 and the 115.

October 3, 2007

Custom Luxury Garage by GarageMahals


If you have a luxury home and passion for cars, GarageMahals can design and build a custom luxury garage that creates a sleek modern haven for the mechanically minded. Surrounded by gleaming walls and shining epoxy flooring, the GarageMahals provides a glamorous presentation for your favourite car. With a variety of designs, the custom garage can capture both vintage and modern themes. Accented with steel counters and switches, GarageMahals can offer professional grade cabinetry and rolling door storage. Priced between $50.00 and $125.00 per square feet, the custom luxury garage from GarageMahals can be designed to any taste or budget.



July 6, 2007

Bathroom Vanities Trend 2007 - the European Contemporary vanity style is in!


When it comes to contemporary bathroom vanities, today's designers create beautiful and distinctive pieces that epitomise the newest European modern bathroom trends. They celebrate luxurious materials like steel, limestone and walnut; and exemplify the cutting edge of design, from bold retro inspired patterns to elegant minimalist forms. Each vanity has a unique identity and distinctive character that brings a modern sparkle and European charm to contemporary bathrooms. With such broad selection of vanities, there is a style for every modern home.

Pedini Fashion Bathroom Vanity - the Lacquered vanity


One of the favored finishes in contemporary vanity design is the lush glossy lacquer. It's silky smooth surface has a sensual feel and gorgeous depth that accentuates the vanities smooth forms. The Pedini Fashion Bathroom Vanity for example uses a glossy rich coffee lacquer that highlights its simple minimal design. Featuring a long, free-standing peninsula-like form the Pedini offers a new European approach to bathroom design, revolutionising the way space is used. The Pedini offers two fluid shaped basins that flow seamlessly from the gleaming countertop; like a placid lake, it exudes calm and serenity. Stood upon a shining metal plinth the Pedini Fashion Bathroom Vanity uses the glossy lacquer finish to enhance its modern simple forms.

Kallista Laura Kirar Vir Stil Bathroom Vanity - the Walnut vanity


In contrast to shining lacquer, many modern designs are using exotic natural materials to add a luxurious finish to their contemporary vanities. The natural organic textures and grains give each piece unique character, while adding a serene warmth to the unit. By bringing natural wood and earthy stone into the bathroom these contemporary vanities soften the sharp lines of their geometric design. The Laura Kirar Vir Stil Vanity is one such design, with a simple rectangular form the vanity has an understated elegance. A single slab of Grigio Limestone rests above the Black Walnut cabinet, creating a juxtaposition of colour and texture. Rather than detract from these rich materials the free-standing Laura Kirar Vir Stil Vanity features an under-mounted sink and is accented by small touches of bright shining metal. By combining sharp modern design with natural materials this contemporary vanity creates a balance between style and nature.

Falper Steel Bathroom Vanity - the Steel vanity


With a masculine essence and a practical industrial style, steel can bring a sleek character to modern forms. Featuring a highly reflective surface and precise construction, steel offers a brilliant light finish to contemporary vanities. It captures a sharp urban style, that shines with modern glamour. In the wall-mounted Falper Steel Bathroom Vanity, the gleaming metal finish creates a unit that appears lighter than its form implies. The plain steel front becomes a shifting surface that reflects the room around it, while a bright red basin adds a bold passionate colour to the mix. With an urban cosmopolitan style, the Falper Vanity uses Steel to create a bold and powerful statement in bathroom design.

Duravit Happy D Bathroom Vanity - the Rounded vanity


Beyond luxurious materials, often it is the design that make contemporary vanities so alluring. Through quality craftsmanship and innovative design simple materials can be presented in appealing new forms. In the Happy D Bathroom Vanity by Duravit a simple rectangular design is softened by large rounded corners. As the wall mounted vanity reaches into the room it offers a friendly and welcoming presence despite its minimalist style. Here the white ceramic makes a bold statement; escaping from its normal basin limitations to serve as the gently rounded vanity top. These soft curved forms are then continued in the bending wooden doors. Presenting the wood as a fluid surface rather than flat square planks, adds a character and soft presence to the Happy D Vanity. An elegant design of simple sophistication, the Happy D Bathroom Vanity seems open and light; transforming the space around it.

Pedini Trendy Bathroom Vanity - the Wall Mounted Vanity


When selecting a contemporary vanity the form has a great impact on the overall design of the bathroom. Wall mounted vanities offer an integrated bathroom design that blends the room and furnishing into a single unit. Due to their extra stability wall mounted vanities offer a flexibility in form. The Pedini Trendy Bathroom Vanity for example features a cubic graphic design. The wall mounted vanity lies off centre of its rectangular metallic plinth, giving it a feeling of weightlessness. Combining the sharp clean geometric lines with wonderful materials gives the Trendy bathroom vanity a masculine sophistication. The dull gloss of the black basin is matched with dark lush woods and brilliant polished steel for a palette of textures and finishes. An urbane design that uses its wall mounted design to create a collage of materials and shapes, that seem to defy gravity.

Kohler Fountainhead Bathroom Vanity - the Free Standing Vanity


In contrast free-standing vanities can bring a decorative style to the bathroom. These contemporary vanities can take the form of fine furnishings, allowing you to continue the furnished style already in your home. A stunning example of this is the Kohler Fountainhead Bathroom Vanity, which features a slightly transitional style. The Fountainhead Vanity offers a simple understated elegance. Stood on two fluid and gently curving legs, the Fountainhead supports the luxurious vessel basin of your choice, like a beautiful piece of art. Featuring clean modern lines in a pale blonde wood, the Fountainhead Vanity takes a traditional furniture form and applies a minimalist style.

Sonia Atic Pop Bathroom Vanity - the Retro Style Vanity


Beyond the modern forms and materials, contemporary vanities can capture the latest trends and modern styles to bring a distinctive personality into the bathroom. Perfect for expressing ones individuality and style, these vanities make your home a reflection of ones self. The wall mounted Atic Pop Bathroom Vanity by Sonia for example offers fabulous retro style. Featuring a wonderful seventies inspired pattern of rounded squares in a trendy lime green, the Atic Pop Vanity offers a classic style in a modern colour palette. Framed by a small cabinet of black wood, the trendy retro graphic is applied to a shining glass panel for a slick clean finish. Capturing the glamour of yesterday in the understated style of today, the Atic Pop Vanity offers a unique dramatic effect.

Julien Troy Adams Bathroom Vanity - the Asian Style Vanity


Besides bold and dramatic statements, trendy contemporary vanities often embrace the serene and soothing proportions of Asian inspired designs. Perfect for creating a relaxing haven within your home, the Asian style adds an exotic sophistication to modern life. In the Julien Troy Adams Bathroom Vanity this style can be seen in the balanced proportions and minimalist design. Embracing new and exotic materials, the Julien Troy Adams Bathroom Vanity is crowned by a vivid orange band of CaesarStone. Supported by a cabinet of exotic Zebra wood, the distinctive grain brings a warm natural character to the unit. Featuring a steel under-mounted basin and steel accents, the Julien Troy Adams Bathroom Vanity offers a complex palette of modern materials to accent the simple Zen-like design. Embracing the newest bathroom trends and indulging in luxurious materials, today's contemporary vanities are able offer a unique sparkle and charm.

June 5, 2007

Luxury bathroom trends 2007 - the must-have fixtures for today's high-end bathroom!


With the fabulous new developments and innovations in luxury bathrooms, designing the ideal refuge for cleansing and relaxation can be overwhelming. By reviewing the latest bathroom design trends and technologies, Trendir will help guide you through the brightest concepts and ideas that will embellish your dreams...



New technologies have had a huge impact on bathroom design, and the Neorest 600 Toilet by TOTO is a perfect example of this. A single piece smart toilet, the Neorest lid magically lifts as you approach, and then automatically flushes and closes as you leave. A range of features are easily accessed by remote control, such as a heated toilet seat, front and rear washing, air dryer and deodoriser. It is like having a personal bathroom attendant in the privacy of your own home. Comfort and hygiene are seamlessly melded with technology to produce a toilet that serves your every need.




For those who desire more traditional fixtures rather than combined units, there are fabulous bidets. The Bohemian bidet by Simas uses smooth clean forms to create a simple and elegant bidet. The Bohemian range however rejuvenates classical decoration with the modern print featured on the smooth front. By mixing geometric circles with an organic rose motif, the Bohemian bidet offers a classic elegance in a contemporary style.



Another important fixture to consider is the urinal. Perhaps a bit unusual in private residences, modern urinals can provide convenience as well a distinctive design flare. The designer Spoon Urinal by Philip Watts features curving sculptural forms that create a dramatic centrepiece. Gentle elliptical bowls hover over fluid like legs in this avant-garde approach to urinal design. Designer urinals will have you in and out of the bathroom faster, while creating an atmospheric room that is simply a pleasure to behold.



Besides bold new designs, technological innovations have transformed elegant forms into environmentally friendly products. For example the Axiom EcoPower Senor Faucet features a bold square profile with a gleaming chrome finish that simply turns on with a wave of the hand. Yet inside it uses an innovative EcoPower, which captures the kinetic energy of flowing water to power its sensors and flow control. You no longer need sacrifice style to appease your environmental conscience. Dramatic form in a sensual finish, the EcoPower Senor Faucet offers a luxurious experience, while protecting the planet.



Moving to larger fixtures we discover decadent spa installations for the home. Luxurious baths, showers and saunas provide the pampering comfort of professional spa treatments whenever you desire. For example the Ayoura Airbath by BainUltra offers the most gratifying hydro-thermo massage available. The combination of heat, water and air jets relieves a multitude of ailments, all in luxurious comfort. From easing back aches and arthritis to simply reducing stress, the spa bath cleanses the skin, stimulates circulation and purifies your mind and body. For the ultimate bathing experience the Ayoura Airbath provides restorative spa treatments at your convenience.



For those who prefer showers, the ProSun Tanning Shower juxtaposes two luxury items into one, innovatively saving you time. The built-in bronzing system gives you the perfect tan while the warm water washes over you. Gorgeous warm glowing skin adds beauty naturally without extra effort; simply relax and enjoy your shower. Maintaining your summer-like tan no longer needs thought or planning, freeing you to catch up on more important matters. Integrating seamlessly into any bathroom the ProSun saves you space and time while providing a vibrant healthy glow.



Incorporating spa features into fabulous showers is clearly one of the latest trends featured in ultra modern master bathrooms, offering a balance between delightful pampering and our ever busy lives. The Duravit Steam Shower Cabin includes a multitude of luxurious features like LED-enabled chromatherapy, aromatherapy, and built-in sound in addition to the cleansing steam shower. The frame-less glass cabin forms an open bright space, and the adjustable seats make the Duravit Steam Shower a personal retreat or an intimate space to share with that special someone. Versatile units in both features and use, Spa Showers simply add rejuvenating treatments into your daily life for the ultimate revitalisation.



Another enclosure to consider is a personal dry sauna. For centuries the soft dry heat has been the relaxing retreat of choice for the privileged. The warm air soothes muscles and eases aches and pains. Removing general aches makes each day brighter and more enjoyable. Mr.steam creates curving glass panelled cabins perfect for one or two people. The glass front ensures a light and open space, where you can relax and let your mind wander. The light maple and fir woods offer a contemporary vision of the ancient traditional sauna.



When new technology meets old ideas unique innovations can be created that revolutionises the way we work. Amerec produces Infrared Heat Therapy Rooms perfect for sports and therapy use. They quickly heat up and bathe the user in soothing relaxing heat. Perfect for warming-up before sporting activities or massages, the infrared heat loosens muscles and increases flexibility; letting you get the most of your workout. Featuring a simple geometric style, the Infrared Heat Therapy uses Western Red Cedar while a digital control adjusts the wide radiating warmth that evenly heats the room. Offering dry heat like a sauna but at the quick press of a button, The Infrared Heat Therapy Room lets you plan your day at a moments notice.



Now that you’ve chosen the ideal spa treatments for luxurious relaxation, there are a range of accessories that will allow you to revel in self-indulgence. For the perfect accent to your bubble filled bath, a wine cooler is the obvious choice. The free-standing Wine Cooler from Sub Zero allows you to keep 46 bottles at hand, offering whichever flavour takes your fancy no matter how fickle your tastes. And with two compartments each at their own temperature it offers flexibility within its small form. Cool sensual flavours complement the warming soothing comfort of your baths relieving all your tension.



Once finished with your bath and wine, nothing is finer than stepping into warm towels or bathrobes. Dacor offers an Integrated Warming Oven which transforms a simple drawer into a toasty heated cabinet drawer. Enveloped in soft soothing warmth, heated towels are the perfect finale to your bathing routine, and in cold winter months climbing into toasty pyjamas will easily send you off to deep comforting sleep. With a seamless custom door, the Warming Oven invisibly provides reassuring comfort, without disturbing your bathroom style.



For those whose minds run rampant while they try to unwind, repeating the events and worries of the day; a trendy wall display may be the solution you’ve been looking for. From entertainment to roaring fires, there is a range of visual accessories to choose from. The visiPad Mediastation multimedia system is a splash protected screen that keeps you in touch with the world. Designed by Keuco and Visiomatic, email, SMS messages, internet, telephone, DVDs, and CDs are all available at the touch of a button. Via the touch screen or remote you can read the newspaper, listen to the radio, or watch your favourite film. Whether the visiPad Mediastation keeps you in constant contact with up to the minute news or lets you daydream and relax to your favourite music and films, it will transform your bathroom into a room of practical leisure.



For a simpler more integrated media system, the TileVision is ideal. Both a mirror and a waterproof TV, Porter Lancastrian have created a 23” widescreen LCD unit specifically for the bathroom. Featuring a heated screen that prevents condensation, the TileVision is waterproof and tamperproof. When not in use the LCD screen is invisible, only the remote control hints at its true function. Simple and graceful, the TileVision is framed in black, silver or mirror. For entertainment that still staves off the call of the busy working world, the TileVision is an elegant choice.



The most relaxing option though, is easily a wall fireplace. Flickering flames have a hypnotising effect, while the gentle heat soothes and relaxes. With the development of low capacity direct vent fires, it is possible to install this vibrant element in small rooms and without the need of a flu or chimney. Fantastic examples are the Ribbon Fireplace by Spark and the Bed and Breakfast Fireplace by Fireplace Xtrordinair. The Ribbon Fireplace is a sophisticated presentation that focuses on the central element. The dark inset hearth provides a minimalist backdrop to the writhing ribbon of flame. Fronted with a glass pane and framed in whatever material you desire, the Ribbon fireplace adds an elemental energy to your bathroom.


The Bed and Breakfast Fireplace in contrast adds a more rustic charm and appeal. A traditional metal design frames the portrait style fireplace. Realistic looking logs proudly stand in front of decorative liners as the gas fire flicks around them. The liners add character and interest even when the fire is not in use; and with a choice between a Brick Beehive style, an ornamental Shell style, and the tile like Travertine liner you are sure to find one that appeals.



Besides heating with traditional fireplaces, new technologies are being used to ensure your bathroom is always warm and comfortable. The most obvious choice is radiators; with new innovative designs being created everyday the choices are endless. Like the Glass Panel Heater by Prefit which is modern and light with a subtle graphic effect. Unlike the cast iron constructions of yore, a single transparent glass panel contains the fine heating elements to warm you room. Balanced on cylindrical feet, a light frosted check pattern ensures it won’t be stumbled through yet preserving the sophisticated glamour. Shining glass is the perfect completement in a room of rushing water while the nearly invisible heating elements keep your towels toasty.



Luxury bathrooms make the most of high-quality materials. Fabulous marble, textured tile and decorative stone add fabulous character to your bathroom, but are hard and cold. Electric radiant flooring then only makes sense. WarmlyYours runs beneath the tile or stone, silently providing greater comfort. Highly efficient, the heat transfers through the stone and tile to provide a warm surface to walk on. No longer must you step out onto a cold icy floor; instead it is warm and soothes aching feet. In fact Radiant heat flooring can heat your bathroom from floor to ceiling, but without overheating and drying out the surrounding air. Invisible heating that seamlessly fits your bathroom design underfloor heating will make you smile every winter morning.



With all the large features picked out, finally we can look at the fine decorative details. The style and design of a bathroom unite all the features into a dynamic whole. Small details can add the sparkle and glamour that elevates your bathroom to something extraordinary. For modern sparkle, Steuler Fliesen’s LED tiles with luminous glass borders are ideal. Available in single colours or slowly alternating colours, they are an innovative solution for indirect lighting, illuminated guides on steps, or as simply a distinctive tile feature.



The LED trend continues in the Alfa Handle by Brighthandle. The simple curving bar of stainless steel and transparent plastic, lights up with vibrant changing colour. Here LED illumination indicates the status of the bathroom, glowing red when in use. An obvious indicator you can easily see from down the hall or across the room, the Alfa handle is as functional as it is simple. An elegant solution presented in simple form the Alfa Handle is a stunning example of good design.



LEDs are a growing lighting trend, but there are still a multitude of innovative lighting options with which to personalise your space. Like the translucent ceiling tiles from USG, which offer a soft diffuse light from a sleek modern form. Whether laid into a normal grid for a simple illuminated ceiling, or placed in USG’s Curvatura 3-D system for an organic curving surface with a bespoke sculptural effect; the smooth clean lines bring a fresh bright and clean image to your bathroom.



Natural lighting has always been a popular choice, with its even color and bright warmth. Yet the very essence of its changing nature can be inconvenient. Bright mornings or sunsets can leave you squinting in your bath or blinded by your mirrors. Remote Controlled Roller Blinds however let you appreciate every minute of sun while protecting you from glaring rays. Regaining popularity in modern luxury homes, a single push of the button sets the perfect ambiance and sense of privacy. House Couturier have created a simple modern design that responds to your needs.



Besides distinctive lighting, the materials in your bathroom can enhance and the character and atmosphere of your design. UltraGlas glass shower doors for example use heat sculpted glass to provide privacy and artistic detail. Broad panels allow light to freely illuminate the room, while the fabulous texture sparkles. Custom made artistic surfaces; UltraGlas panels create a modern centrepiece for your bathroom.



Recent innovations have created materials of unique beauty that form surface textures and patterns never seen before. Incorporating these materials into bathroom designs brings a dynamic edge and a luxury finish to any installation. Majestic Gemstone creates solid surfaces of inlaid semi-precious stones. The natural colours of these translucent stones form an organic surface of gradient colour. Fabulous stones fit for jewellery make a stunning surface for your bathroom vanity, countertop, and tables. When combined with under surface lighting the majestic impression is unforgettable.

From the finest decorative details to the most decadent spas experiences, modern luxury bathrooms have become a personal expression. Every feature can be individually catered for, providing a unique environment in harmony with you.

December 15, 2006

Modern European Kitchens - the 7 trendy kitchen designs from Ernestomeda, Italy

Europeans take their kitchens seriously, and for the highlights of today’s most fabulous kitchen trends we need only look at Ernestomeda’s broad range of kitchens. A youthful Italian kitchen firm, Ernestomeda bring innovation, quality and style into their kitchens. They are at the forefront of design with their use of colour, dramatic lighting, frosted glass cabinets and free-standing units, as well as fabulous new materials. With such a broad range of styles and trends there is literally something wonderful for everyone.

Verve kitchen design


Recently we’ve seen a dynamic trend for frosted glass cabinets. With dramatic back lighting they bring an atmosphere that influences the whole kitchen. The Verve kitchen makes fabulous use of this frosted glass in its tall cabinets.


With full length folding glass doors, the Verve has large expanses of hazy glass that reveals hints of the contents. The internal cabinet lights add a striking ethereal touch. The aluminium trim compliments the glossy frameless lacquered doors in a lovely dove-grey. Ernestomeda combine this with a brightly back-lit pantry that again uses light to expand the perceived space. Light and airy, the Verve kitchen feels open and spacious. The light colours and theatrical lighting create a peaceful kitchen that is far from dull.


Supreme kitchen design


The Supreme kitchen also uses frosted glass cabinets, but in a much more traditional style. The Supreme combines modern light features and its more traditional wood cabinets to create transitional modern design. Sophisticated white-ash frames the back-lit frosted glass doors; the ethereal haze of shapes provides a vitality and life.


Continuing the striking lighting, the Supreme features the KWC Eve faucet. A fabulous arching faucet, the Eve uses LEDs to illuminate the rushing water and makes a dramatic accent.


The Supreme embraces a fabulous new material in its Silestone countertop. Developed in 1990, Silestone is a Quartz surface that offers the beauty and shimmer of natural stone with better durability and less maintenance. The Supreme uses the Silestone for a light bright counter and matching backsplash. The cold heft of traditional stone, Silestone offers luxury without the work. It is a perfect example of the explorative trend for finding new innovative materials to enhance the modern kitchen.

Flute kitchen design


The Flute kitchen offers a relaxed yet serious European kitchen. The Flute uses frosted glass in its warm cherry frame doors, but leaves them natural and shadowy. The warm ruddy wood is then paired with a smooth stainless-steel worktops and cabinets with frameless doors. The mix of free-standing and built in units can be likened to historical manor house kitchens, versatile and functional. The full length cabinets offer a plethora of storage space, while the steel work stations are easy to clean and wonderfully functional. A distinctive mix of modern and traditional materials makes the Flute kitchen a warm inviting Italian kitchen.


Silverbox kitchen design


The Silverbox kitchen uses a bright blue glass as vivid accent, but also displays the trendy stave pattern we’ve been seeing more of. The Silverbox uses the strong horizontal element to expand the kitchen and provide a uniform character. The aluminium stave doors provide a fantastic texture over which shadows richly play.


The striped metal kitchen is modern and sleek. The kitchen island is topped with laminate work surface, and hanging above is a counter length extractor edged in electric blue glass. The glass detailing continues in the island sink backsplash. By mixing materials and textures the Silverbox presents a modern European kitchen.

Fusion kitchen design


The Fusion exemplifies another trend of late, dark and bold colours. The wooden cabinet doors are made from a warm grey oak, which adds a surprising amount of colour to the room. The dark colour adds mystery and an essence of privacy. Simple and serene the Fusion uses colour to create a sanctuary in your kitchen.


As the perfect accent, Ernestomeda use a fabulously trendy stainless steel countertop to shine and highlight the dark cabinets. To provide a seamless one-piece surface, the steel is custom wielded and includes inset sinks and hobs. The seamless surface offers a visual perfection that makes a kitchen feel like a decadent luxury. Our dramatic glass lighting has not been forgotten though, and can be seen in the over sink shelving. With internal lighting the shelves not only serve as a light source, but light up the objects on the shelves. The striking light turns even everyday items into objects d’art.


Seventy kitchen design


For bold bright colours you can get much better than the trendy lipstick red. The Seventy design is vibrant and lively. The laminate countertop offers the vivid red so hard to find in other materials, while providing a practical hard wearing surface. The bright colour on smooth frameless laminate doors produces a dynamic graphic style.


Aluminium accents on door edges and the long shining backsplash add a modern sparkle. Recently more free-standing kitchen cabinets have been used in contemporary kitchens, and in the Seventy kitchen they bring an essence of activity and life.


Solaris kitchen worktop design


The Solaris worktop uses several current trends to push the boundaries of our imagination. Integral to the design is DuPont’s new Corian material. Corian is a gorgeous solid surface that can be cast, carved or moulded to create the most innovative forms. In the Solaris the Corian is use to create a smooth streamlined worktop with an integral backsplash with a distinctive folded profile.


A single seamless piece, the Corian smoothly flows creating an integral sink. By using new technology Erestomeda have created a luxurious modern kitchen worktop unachievable in other materials. Supported by thin spindly legs, the Solaris is a dramatic futuristic design. The faucet adds industrial detail with the trendy spray head, while the pipe protection offers a robotic like spine detail where it meets the floor. With intricate metal details and a free flowing solid surface, Solaris takes today’s trends and moves forward. Ernestomeda offer the hottest European trends and bring them to you in a style that suits your life.

November 29, 2006

Italian Bathroom Innovations - the latest trends in contemporary bathrooms


Renowned for being at the forefront of modern design, recently the Italians have returned to examine the bathroom and in the process have developed some innovative new approaches to design. Instead of creating objects to fill the bathroom, the new Italian trend is to build the bathroom with entirely integrated fixtures. Instead of individual pieces, the bathroom becomes a single functioning unit. Controls are removed from the form and instead are integrated conveniently into the environment.


Like Antonio Lupi Design’s new Materia faucets. The slim reaching spout can be wall mounted without the distraction controls can impose on the form, while the lever sits conveniently in reach on the vanity. It also gives a freedom, allowing the spout to convey its function without distraction, while freeing the control unit to blend the slim reach of the spout with the round body of the drain cover. The Materia can be combined with any sink, to create a personal and bespoke solution.


Moving now to the bathroom furniture, Ceramica Flaminia has designed an integrated bathroom system that turns the room into a single unit of modern functionality. The One bathroom features an inset toilet, bidet and sink. The mechanics are all in built, and leave only the bowls and flush controls gently rising from the surface of the bespoke units. The One bathroom series uses a slight overhang to define each bowl and contrast the slight rise above the surface. The gently curving bowls stand out from any surface, yet elevate the units into a single bespoke bathroom furnishing. The new Italian trends take function and beauty to new levels by freeing bathroom fixtures of their previous restrictions and instead applying that function to the bathroom as a whole.



March 24, 2006

Bar Sinks and Prep Sinks - Kitchen Entertainment Trend

The new trend is emerging - kitchen is becoming an entertainment hub within the home. The newest designs in prep sinks and bar sinks help to achieve this. The prep sinks and bar sinks were always present. However, as kitchen trends are changing, they are finding a new purpose - these sinks are now also gathering places for guests. They are becoming a focal point in the kitchen.


You now find them in some rather untraditional places, on an island or peninsula. The prime location and versatile functionality allow these sinks to also serve as an entertainment hot spot. Drinks and appetizers are easily served from these sinks.

The below prep and bar sinks have been chosen for their great design - they are as beautiful as they are functional. We aren't talking about the common small round and square bar sinks. These are some unusualy shaped sinks of innovative designs and with new purposes. Fill it with ice, cold wine, beer, fresh fruits, or even flowers to attract your guests. The Mystic by Elkay is a perfect example of a multi-purpose sink.


Elkay Mystic

The Mystic undermount sink (shown above) was created with entertainment in mind. This sink is a perfect self-serve area for party guests. This sink would fit best in a long and narrow kitchen island. It is available in two sizes: MYSTIC2812C, 28" x 14" $2,004.60 and MYSTIC5014, 50" x 14" $1,895.40.
It is a great focal point for interactive entertaining as well as a versatile prep area in the kitchen. It is convenient storage for cold drinks and ice. It also creates a unique design statement with water running down its wavy shape.


Elkay Island

The Elkay Island undermount sink (ISLAND3828), shown below, should be installed on the custom oversized island or peninsula. Make sure to provide access to the sink from at least three sides to take advantage of the unique 360 degree swivel faucet. It measures 38" x 28" and is priced at $2,368.30. The centralized faucet location is unlike any other sink available. This sink is a must have for the busy kitchen.


Kohler Trough sink

We have established that installing a prep sink improves your efficiency and serves as an entertainment sink as well. It is a "great place to chill a bottle of wine". Of course, it has got to be very accessible, so location is everything. Kohler offers an entire range of bar sinks and prep sinks that would also be great for entertainment purposes. Their collection is available in many sizes and several interesting shapes. Here's an interesting idea from Kohler that we really appreciate; to install a narrow but long prep sink with faucets at each end. The dueling faucets double the functionality and provide even more usable work space.


As it says on Kohler's website, "The sink creates a centerpiece for the kitchen," says Rhys Lewis, Director of Food & Beverage at The American Club. "It allows anyone, whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine, or whether you’re involved in food prep, to have access to the sink." "The dual faucets allow two people to use the sink at the same time from either side of the island, and the narrow sink can double as a place to chill champagne and shrimp cocktails." Depending on your island size you can go with the gratuitous 60-inch or 22-inch sink with two faucets or one.

This trough sink measures 60" x 8-1/4". It is available for $1153.80. The basin depth is 5-15/16".
This image shows the K-3157 installed close to the countertop edge, filled in with cold drinks and lemons.
This represents exactly what we are talking about. Other options would be installing the Undertone sink on the higher counter or on the side counter. There are many ways that you can install it to gain the maximum convenience and create the most welcoming enviroment. The 25" wire rack and wire storage basket are included with all Undertone narrow models.

There are also 43", 33" and 22" sinks in the same series:
Kohler K-3156 Undertone 43" trough kitchen sink, 43" x 8-1/4". $917.
Kohler K-3155 Undertone 33" trough kitchen sink, 33" x 8-1/4". $801.
Kohler K-3154 Undertone 22" trough kitchen sink, 22" x 8-1/4". $624. Basin depth: 4-7/8".

Click here for more on Kohler contemporary kitchen sinks


Kohler Tray sink

Kohler K-3340 Undertone undercounter prep tray kitchen sink
This is another undercounter installation prep sink. It is ideal for keeping your work close at hand. Rinsing vegetables is a breeze with the generous surface area. It measures 21-1/4" x 15-3/4" and is only 2" deep. The list price starts at $378.90. This sink also offers a less expensive way to create an serving area on a main island. It is a great serving sink for cold appetizers.


Kohler Pro TaskSink

Kohler K-3319 PRO TaskSink 15" self-rimming sink
This sink is designed to be installed by the stove. It would be great for rinsing pasta. You could easily fill pots or drain water right next to the sink. This sink offers a compromise between a pot filler and a prep sink. Its petite size would easily fit in next to the stove for more efficient cooking. List price: $503.35 and up.

Franke Beach sink


Franke Beach BBX-160 Sink
This interesting sink from Franke presents a different idea about the entertainment sinks. The sculptural contours accomodate a staging area for wet foods. The organic shape supports a bowl for holding foods as you work with them. This keeps counters clean.


The sink is 18 Gauge stainless and requires a 27" minimum cabinet. The main bowl is 6 3/8 " deep and the small one is only 3 1/8" deep. The overall dimensions are 23 7/16" x 18 1/8".

Franke Titanium sink


Franke Titanium PRM-110-7 Sink
This model would definetely be a great choice for smaller spaces with a luxury appeal. This Titanium bar sink of an oval shape comes in three high quality finishes: Anthracite, Bronze and Gold. These unique finishes are sure to stand out in your kitchen. The sink measures 15" x 7 7/8", 5 1/5" deep. This sink requires a minimum cabinet width of 11".

Bates and Bates Sink


MBR 15 Hammertone Sink This last bar sink is for more traditional kitchens. It is finished in a Weathered Copper patina. The overall width is 16-3/4" Dia. x 6-1/2" deep. It is a subtle way to add character to your wet bar. The bronze finish is easily coordinated with other fixtures in the kitchen. The simple shape and hammered texture create an interesting accent piece for your bar.

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Large shower heads like Dornbracht RainSky and Hansgrohe Raindance Rainmaker, the Rain type ceiling shower heads remain the most desirable. With the most water coverage, they produce different types of 'rain' while mixing water with air and light. These are the most luxury shower heads you can buy and, of course, the most expensive ones. This type of shower head is actually a very technologically advanced electronic balance module that controls large water flows and requires built-in installation.